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November 17, 2009


airport berlin hotel

Very interesting story about the ex-voto.Hope to check it out the next week.

karen cole

Hope you guys are well.
I noticed on your website that you are still doing classes......just not blogging. My posts are few and far between.

I will be in Cortona again with friends in May. No classes this time. Someday, I'll come to paint. I would have loved to see you in action, but I leave on the 15th.

Anyway, "hi" from the other side of the ocean.


Mark Leslie

What a wonderful blog about Italy. I vacation there every year and lived with an Italian family for a month in 2005. It was an experience that changed my life. My blog, www.mark-leslie.net, does what your blog does--talks about experiences, places to visit, restaurants to eat at, places to stay. Isn't it great to share Italy with other people who love it as much as we do?

Clarisa Rod

OMG I so recently happened to find your blog and been thrilled to read that wonderful experience you're having in lovely italy. I haven't been there, yet but for what I've seen all over the web I can't wait to move over there!!

Your blog was quite helpfull in understanding more about their culture, and hope I can find a decent way of living so I can move sometime soon.

It's great what you're doing, and hope I can learn more from your experience. Oh and BTW, I am in Mexico :D


Happy New Year to all - especially your pirate cat. Tanti Auguri. Sally


Where are you?! November! It's a whole new year now! Please blog pronto...I am missing you all! Sophie x


forgot to mention, you are welcome to add your Artist website too, we cover all things expatriate:) Have a Great Christmas


I would love to dare! but I can't find any as beautiful as you have near you. Hope you guys are well.

silver bracelet

Nice lockets product.
I like it ..........


I'd certainly be tempted by such strangely charming little objects.

There is an excellent monthly antiques market in Lucca too. They set up camp there with their lorries, and more or less fill the town. I have this ongoing fantasy .... that I have just bought a huge empty villa in the region, and am going to furnish it top to bottom - furniture, bed and table linen, garden statuary, the lot! - with objects bought from the market.

I was at Petersham Nursery yesterday (you will remember it?), and it occurred to me that the very special charm it has, is very much that of the Italian antiques market...

The soup is very good too!


I love the Arezzo antique fair-have been twice and even if I don't buy anything it's so fun to look!

chris lewis

Thanks for showing that to us when we were there. Now let's see those skinnies!

nyc/caribbean ragazza

I have heard amazing things about that market. I hope to check it out one day.

Very interesting story about the ex-voto.

Hope all is well!


Those ex voto are really gorgeous. I'm Italian, and yet I'd never seen them before...! I'll have to visit an antiques market, next time I'm "home".
After 13 years in London, I fall in love with my own country every time I read one of your entries.
Keep up the good work!

erin :: the olive notes

YAY! Glad to see you posting again :) I'd love to head to that market again. It was so fun!

I'm matching you over here with the skinny jeans + boots. The best cool weather outfit for sure! xo


I'd love to visit that market. The Antique dealer in Positano has those ex-voto thingmabobs adorning the wall outside his shop. I've never asked how much he wants but will hazard a guess that the price will be much higher than in Arezzo.


I'd forgotten to ask how is Melvin doing?


Dear Amanda, you go girl in those skinny jeans!
As for the ex-voto I'd seen many on the Madonna in the church in Sicily in the town I was born in Termini Imerese when I went to visit.
I had no idea what they were and their use.
How strange that one buys them at the Marketa and not in the church.

Terrific shot of those delicious Porcini hazelnut colored mushrooms with the contrast of flat leaf Italian Parsley.
Lucky you can just buy some on the side of the road ,we do the supermarket thing.
An egg fritatda of mushrooms and Romano cheese with green scallions , with a side of tomatoes and oregano salad and parsley with simple olive oil and red wine vinegar is on my plate for dinner tonight, thanks for the inspiration.

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