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August 31, 2009


Bill M

Funny how many people mentioned Triffids. I remember my first sight of a sunflower field in autumn in France. "Oh my god@ Like a field of devotional aliens - or Triffids."

You're a great writer and I'll miss the blog.

Bill M
Vero beach FL
And anywhere in Italy


wow, wonderful pictures.
they remind me of Schiele's painting, "sunflower"....


I live in Maryland on the Eastern Shore and many of the farmers here grow sunflowers in small fields because the seeds draw doves into the fields in the fall for sport shooting. They are much more expensive to plant than corn or wheat and also more expensive to care for while they grow. I also notice that the black birds love them. I think they look like they have walked too close to the sun...and yes, like creepy triffids. Cool pics


Great pix. Yes, I was about to say they look like aliens on the march, as well!


Sunflowers are wonderful in full bloom , I loved how they follow the sun from morning till late after noon , but from afar.
You mentioned the oil they retrieve from them , do they get it from the seeds or from the actual stem, I have no idea.
I once planted one in my back garden it grew to almost 7 feet, had the most horrific allergy attack that summer till my husband chopped it down.The dried ones appear to me like those shower rain heads only rusted.

Celeste Maia

I came here from Isabel's. You have a great blog and I have enjoyed reading several of your past entries.
I lived in the mid-80s 4 unforgetable years in Italy. In Rome, but travelled all over the country. You live in my favorite part of Italy.
Your dried sunflowers look like claws ready to pounce on whoever goes by. There is a menacing look to them, rather sinister and beautiful at the same time. I agree with you, they make very intriguing sculptures.


I was just about to say they look like Triffids! But Fern Driscoll beat me to it! Beautiful photos :)


Judith I will agree with all of that except the oil producing part. HA

Fern Driscoll

They look like Triffids! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triffid)

Judith in Umbria

I like them, too. This is when they have become what they are meant to be, not just another pretty thing, but oil bearing, productive, useful. I probably identify.


I thought I was the only freak who loves dead sunflowers, kind of like Morticia Adams. Ok, I am coming out of the closet on this one. They totally work for me, something about the strangeness that fits my mood this time of year. Maybe we need to start a support group.

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