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June 17, 2009


Andy Hayes

Wow - gorgeous photos. Really love the corkboard too, functional, emotional, and beautiful all at the same time. Nice!


Just found your blog and I am entranced with all the beautiful photos! I like the first line of heavy clay soil which is what we have here in Georgia. My goodness, if I could have my garden look like that I would dance all the way through it!!!


I have to say that I love eating young garlic as well. My whole family does and I convinced my American husband to try it too. He was weirded out at first but when he tried it he fell in love. Simple foods sometimes are the best-tasting.
I put it in a salad of green cabbage and herbs, season it with salt and pepper and drizzle with oil. Try it.


Hurrah! you were missed. Beautiful gardens...Hope my wisteria looks like that in 80 years ;)


Bellisimo! I am a particular fan of botanic art, and the long table of works shows your talented students have indeed been very industrious. La Foce looks so interesting and beautiful. Grazie mile for a fascinating post. Happy summer!

Judith in Umbria

Wow! Mandy's alive and speaking!

That is a great book, and every book she wrote is worth readiong too. I would like to walk that walk she and the others used to evacuate the children when the area was being fought over.

I. Irigo was completely honest about relating with the Fascists etc., which is not always true about memoirs of that time and place. That's worth a lot.


Was thrilled to see a new post, La Foce and its History were a lesson in how two people can change the history life story of so many others during such horrific times.
La Foce estate in itself is stunning its simplicity of form. The view forces the eye to relax and take it all in slowly.
After all the eyes are the windows of the soul and this was a banquet!
I envy your ladies that day, their paintings and sketches are vibrant and detailed. Complimenti!


Oh my comment got lost! Just here to say that those photos are pictures worth framing in themselves.
I used fresh garlic from our garden with wild rosemary on the roast potatoes last night and it was heaven!


i have been missing
your Italian adventures

and the things you ATE...


but it is fun to see the work by your students
all stretched out on the table
ready for eye~feasting.

{{ while i missed your tuscan view
i had my own view in venice
and i saw tons of folks art*making
here and there
and thought of your classes.

looks like
they have been a huge success!
yippeee! for you guys! }}


Your posts are worth waiting for! Such a great blog. Grazie mille.


Welcome back and many thanks for that lovely post, the gardens look magnificent. I can feel that Tuscan sun on my shoulders...

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