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April 03, 2009


Jo Masterman

Have just arrived back from Italy (it seems ages since the wonderful Umbrian Art experience) and decided I NEEDED to find your recipe for THE BEANS! Now all I have to do is locate a can of them somewhere in Beijing!!
Hope your UK holiday was fantastic!


I wish you all the best with your school. Love your blog and will put it on my daily peep list. LBx


It's been nearly a month! No posts! I have nothing to inspire me! Give us some news!


i know you are busy
here i am checking in
to see how it is all going over there...


came back for more --->
Bruschetta with Cannellini beans and Rosemary
and to see about
the classes.

will be back...


You know - I write at home - and this has not been good for my outward appearance. I change from sweats to sweats. And now the gardening season kicks in. Uh oh. But I'm really writing to let you know of your wonderful bruschetta. I love all the ingredients and have done something similar so must try yours.


Bouna Pasqua e tutti!

Anne A

Oh I left a comment and its not on here :-(

Just wanted to say what a fantatic space, how amazing it looks ...yes would be great to see students at work :-)


I wonder if the catastrophic events of the past 2 days have affected your first intake of students.

Our thoughts are with Italians as they deal with the terrible toll the quake has taken.

Wishing you great success for the launch of your venture.

I remember Greek women would be manicured, coiffed and fully made up just to go to the markets for fruit and vege, and to pick up the kids at school. I invariably arrived in jeans and sports shoes, tut tut, always looking as though I had been in the garden.

Cherrye at My Bella Vita

That is funny about your daughter inspiring you to run. Are you sore, yet? And I *def* agree with you on how Italian women never look sloppy. How do they manage that??

nyc/caribbean ragazza

The studio looks incredible (as does that bruschetta).

I hear you on getting back into shape this Spring. I don't even have the excuse of doing construction. ha


Amanda, I know just how you feel, generally when shelpping about the house I am in my husbands pj's cause they have pockets, haven't a clue why but they do, come in handy when finding innocuous things about the house.
Hair in an elastic scrungie and oversize runners T shirt that says I ran the Winter bathing suit run for Sick Children's Hospital, also my Husbands he runs Marathons every spare moment he gets{ literally}!
We all have our moments, buts lest we forget we are the type of women when need be , can transform in the blink of an eye in to the urethral creatures like we preserve in our minds eye and knock them dead.
pss Victoria Beckham is a generic stick person of celebrity we see to often.
Real women are built for comfort not as clothes racks.Have another Bruschetta, I know I would.

erin :: the olive notes

WOW! I can't believe how wonderful that studio looks...what a difference. (well, actually I CAN believe it...I mean, look at all the other things you guys have accomplished). Can't wait to hear how the classes are going.

...and the bruschetta makes me remember a lovely lunch under your tree. :)


Ciao bella, am so very pleased for you all that your first group went so well, bravo. However the builder senario is somewhat unfortunate but then I seem to remember some of your builders were quite cute.......... did she at least offer to make you a nice cuppa?? xxxx


Love your bruschetta! I can only imagine how much work you've done over months and months-how wonderful to have guests there to reap the rewards of all your hard work.


I cannot wait to taste some of your delights! My mouth waters everytime I read your posts on food....yum.


Come on Amanda! So many women have the Victoria Beckham thing down! It's boring! Blaze a new trail, you awesome lady!
(the bruschetta looks wonderful)


If this is your day-to-day reality, then I can only say you clean up good. But that bruschetta will do you no good at all! Better eat broccoli. It will leave the shops for 6 months soon, and meantime it has no calories.


You're back! Sounds as though it went really well. You're right about the Italians not doing "sloppy". They're all chic in the village shop too! I'm always excusing myself by saying I've been gardening/cleaning whatever.


(screaming into computer) I HEAR YOU SISTAH. (ok, I have regained my composure).

Love the space for the artists. I laughed at your old brick shelving unit.... well not at it but with it. If you would see my kitchen shelves, or the built in desk in one of our guest rooms you would feel the urge to laugh as well.

I had coffee with a friend last week and we were both so happy just to have coffee in a cafe. To remind ourselves of who we were before workboots and scruffy clothes. However, it was embarrassing when I looked down and saw a clump of mud on what I consider to be my good jeans.

Keep on keepin' on.....

Donna in SF

That looks delis - I will be making it really soon.

And the studio looks wonderful. I'd love to see a photo with the students to see the transformation you describe.

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