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March 11, 2009



There are some online tutorials and some flickr images (free to use) that also allow you to cheat and reproduce the TVF effect with normal images and photoshop and its equivalent.

karen cole

Love your photos!!!

How's it going? Any more uncontrolable urges?

Hope all is going well with classes and guests, etc.

xo Karen

Vita Lenta nel Bel Paese

Caro Jilian,

You are so right about Italian "fixed" seasons. Excellent observation! I am more of an irrational type - unlike most Scandinavians.
Like your photo experiments! I would be interested in a photo course. Are you considering????? Bacione, Ingrid in Umbria


Wouldn't the picture be better if you use only one camera?


sometimes you just need to give in to the urge Julian... the list seems to always be there doesn't it?


They kind of remind me of Polaroids. Definitely sort of mystical atmosphere.


Interesting way to photograph the scenes...very neat. You're so right about the Italians with seasons...it's still March so parkas must remain on!

Kim Carroll

I like the effect it gives the photos, making them look old. I am going to try this, I just hope they turn out at great as yours did. My husband and I hope one day to visit Italy.

nyc/caribbean ragazza

I agree with Erin. Very interesting and mysterious.


There's something of the pinhole about them, or even box brownie. Strange how you're back in the birthpalce of the renaissance where pinhole was one of the painting techniques. Just a rebirth I suppose.


Those photos have a strange bluriness about them, like frames from an old film. I can't figure out the technique, though. Did you use a tripod? Were they both digital cameras? How close did you have to get to the first camera with the second? How, how, how?
How about a brief tutorial for us? Because, as you said, one can never stop learning!

erin :: the olive notes

wow !I love these photos...they look so mysterious or like they came out of an old movie!


I've done this before...but mine didn't quite turn out like yours have! perhaps it was because I was photographing Kingston as apposed to Umbria ;)

Judith in Umbria

It looks good, but I do not get it. Really. What do I do to the camera that I am not looking through other than press the button?

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