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February 22, 2009


Patty Pelayo

Amazing!! and so inspiring. Thank you for posting pictures. I enjoy them like you don't imagine. I live in the States and I'm planning on making my backyard as close to a Tuscan garden as I possibly can. Thank you for having this blog and being such an inspiration to me. Someday I will make it to Tuscany, I know in my heart I will. Take care and keep enjoying your passion. A friend in the U.S.

Anne A

This is a truly amazing transformation, I don't know how I missed this post!!

You should be very very proud, its beautiful!!


AMAZING! I am so incredibly jealous!

janet morrow

Meraviglioso! I love what you have done here. Thank you for including the photos...you can almost see the stories peel away from the walls and settle in the rubble as you bare and rebirth them. Such a transformation that could only have surfaced through your toil and vission...and another story is born to its history....your story.


This is amazing!! Congratulations on all your hard working coming to such a beautiful fruition! I just found your blog and I will definitely be keeping up with what you are doing! Bravo!
xo Isa

Mike O'Brien

Hello, Julian and Mandy--

You lived through all the dust, sweat, difficulties, mistakes and compromises, and see the entire history when you look around. Out here, we only see the miraculous transformation, the warm gift you have made for those us lucky enough to visit your journal or in person. It's remarkable how true to the spirit of Italy you have remained as you modernize and fit your lives into such an ancient culture. Best wishes to you, may your school and inn prosper, and thank you for your story and your creation.

Mike O'Brien
Portland Oregon


Just beautiful!! Am bowing to your amazing talents and sweat and perseverance!!


Oh how gorgeous! Anyone would be lucky to stay there.

karen cole

This is heaven on earth....except for the no time to eat thing.

What you did is truly extraordinary. I look forward to staying there one day.


Gorgeous, guys! really beautiful :)


I'm blown away! I can't believe the change since I saw it last! You have achieved so, so much! It's beautiful!


Lo sapevo che i risultati sarebbero stati questi!Ah...se ci fossero più inglesi, l'Italia sarebbe migliore!LOL


It's all so beautiful, so incredibly beautiful. Your love, your faith in the future, your talent and a bit of magic have come together to make something completely individual, tasteful, warm, inviting, and genuine. My heart is full of happiness for you. I know you know that we know what it all takes, what it all means, and what is all costs, intrinsically and extrinsically.

Auguri. Complimenti. Wonderful. Just simply that.


You are rightfully proud of yourselves. What an endeavour! Just lovely.

Vita Lenta nel Bel Paese

Cara Amanda,

I say... you have worked wonders! What a gorgeous place to stay. Full of ambiente, carefully restored! Complimenti! Bacione, Ingrid


Looks fantastic,you did all that work without my help.

Megan in Liguria

BRAVI! Looks gorgeous you two! :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza


I love your style.


Great job! Beautiful.


Bravi! I think the end results more than justify the long, and I'm sure stressful!, process


It's so beautiful! Your guests must have loved their stay. The chandelier is gorgeous, and it looks great in that room.


Absolutely stunning and amazing! You should both be incredibly proud of your achievements thus far!


WOW!!!! you should be so proud of yourselves, it is absolutely lovely and amazing. Bravo!


you guys have great taste Amanda! it's so inviting.

erin :: the olive notes

OH MY GOSH!!! This is WONDERFUL!!!! I can't believe it...what a difference. Love it.


Amazing, stunning, what can I say!!

Well done, such a big job..:-)


Speechless for the moment as need to have another look at all the little details etc, but awesome and amazing are already on my lips, bravo, bravi, bacci, well done you

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