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January 22, 2009


Tour to Ranthambore

I love your blog its look nice and attractive. You mentioned 99 points and all are very interesting. I always keep in touch with your blog and going to bookmark also.


Your site is inspiring and beautiful. The photos make me weep, they are so lovely. I have never been to Italy but I have been secretly yearning to go, especially Umbria, because it is so beautiful and green. Since I discovered your site, it seems to bring it closer to me, and I will continue to work towards visiting Italy soon.


Don't forget about the lakes in Lombardy. It's almost to beautiful there. I went to Lake Maggiore for the first time when I was 7 and it has from then on always been in my heart. If you haven't been there read more about them here: The Lakes of Lombardy

Rochelle Gaukel

I personally loved #41! Was in Cortona September 08' for a workshop and we visited the Arezzo antiques market - such a wonderful place full of many treasures. See here: http://lolasmommy.blogspot.com/2008/11/drum-roll-please.html
and here: http://lolasmommy.blogspot.com/2008/10/what-ive-been-up-to.html
for some items that I purchased at the antiques market. Wish I was there now!
Loved Italy as a whole and plan on going back soon! Love your blog as it is so lovely to see the sights of italy!


Bellisimo! Delighted and inspired to read of the 99 reasons you're so passionate about where you live. It's heartwarming to read about people who embrace their new homeland in such positive terms.

Amanda@ A Tuscan View....

Thanks so much for all these wonderful comments, we certainly wouldn't have kept going for ninety nine posts without them.

Erin - I put in 39 especially for you and Chris:)
Ms Gourmet - How did I know you would love cheese?
Maryann - You are an inspiration.
Stephanie - Hope you get to Italy one day soon.
Cherilyn - Thanks for stopping by, so glad you enjoyed the post.
Scintilla - "Buh/Bo!" We take them for granted too.
Judith - 'Libidinous', don't you just love that word?
Anne - You have stayed in some spectacular places, I bet the views were wonderful.
Ragazza - They are mostly the reasons we moved here too.
Isabel - I'd like to know who those 'hot' Portuguese players are, I'm not restricted to Italian talent!:)
Ali - I think you finished off the flagons! ciao sis xx
John - LOL, lest we forget indeed!
Elizabeth - I hope you have a chance to visit Italy again soon.
Michelle - Thanks bella! Bleeding Espresso was our inspiration to start this up in the first place.
Casalba - Thank you so much, from one cheese lover to another.
Polideuce - mi sembra che quella donna e proprio grande, ma forse devo aspettare fin che posso trovare un traduzione in inglese!
Leslie - So glad you liked the list. Pizza, pasta,gelato the kids will love it. Hope to see you here one day.
Molly - Your comment made us laugh, but it's probably not pc to explain why!:) Thanks so much
Antonina - Wow, that really made me hungry!
Ingrid - I know you agree with number 20.
Joe - Wait til you have two children giving you that brown eyed puppy dog look!
Natalia - "Dai!" Glad you liked the post.
Karen - Glad you like the list, I guess it is a little food heavy, but hey...
Susan - Glad you enjoyed it.
Lara - That's great, we would love to see you here one day. Thanks for reading.

Phew! Now I really do need a drink, that was nearly as long as the list!


What a wonderful list you put together. So thorough! I enjoy reading your blog. I am bookmarking your site so that when my babies grow up a little we can come and stay in your villa and I could take a class with your husband.


I love this post...each and every one of your (( I cant wait for #100...

karen cole

I am SO HUNGRY now. Congrats on 100 posts. Your list is a beautiful way to celebrate.

Hope you are both well and happy!!!


Ciao ! Non ho tanto amore per il mio paese in questo momento ma leggendi i novantanove punti me ne è venuto un po' di più !!!


"Dai" is one of my favorites... how can you say no to an Italian women (with all her sex appeal) when she gives you a puppy-eyed look and says.... "dai" Great list! so many more but I'll just add 1 - the smell of roasted chestnuts:)

Vita Lenta nel Bel Paese

Cara Amanda,

What is there to add? You seem to have covered everything "Italian". Congrats! Have to reverse and read your 99 blogs back and forth. Bacione, Ingrid


Your ode to all things delish In Italy was a tantalizing travelogue of gastronomical guilty pleasures to be sure minus one or three of my favorites, olive' scatcheti, olives that are green and hammered to release the flavors , soaked in water bath's change every night for a few days to take the bitter out and them then drain and add large slivers of garlic, olive oil and pepper flakes red and spicy some salt and let marinate for about a week on the counter with a dish cloth over the bowl like my dad used to make. Stuffed dates with walnuts rolled in sugar, another favorite and artichoke frittata with 3 any kind of cheese and loaf of bread. My waist band got tighter as I read your list.

Molly Hyde

Great list - Italy is so beautiful. The Almfi Coast was amazing, Rome...Rome...Rome, Pompeii, the food, the wine. Just a few of my favorites...Although, the driving was much more difficult in Ireland! For us Americans, Italy at least drives on the right side of the road.


wow, that was a stunning (and fun) list! having been to italy only once and with a 2 year old in tow, i cant wait to get back for another visit with both my children, now older and more able to appreciate it. i would love to take a painting workshop with you as well, what a treat that would be. thanks for that wonderful taste of italy, really made my day!


che ne dice della Bellonci come numero cento? io adoro come usa le parole, o meglio "usava", quella donna...
Grazie, molti di questi punti mi ricordano perché amo il mio paese


Excellent list, but then I wouldn't expect anything less from you. This blog never disappoints. I also had a look at some of your earlier posts - the olive tree and tufo as a puppy. Lovely.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Aaaaah bella Italia! Congrats on your 100th post (almost) ;)


So very, very well said. And now I want to hop a flight to...anywhere in Italy because Connecticut is clearly telling the marito e io that it's done with us. :-)


Your list was fun and reminds us all...lest we forget.


think you managed to cover most things to love about Italy, you didnt mention flagons from Montepulciano or how you love the stream of family and friends who have joined you in your venture, ooops perhaps that was your 100th............ LOL ciao bella xxxxxxxx


You said it ALL, Amanda :)
A lot of your reasons are also my reasons for loving Portugal...
well, I could add some HOT Portuguese soccer players to the list, but that is another story ;)

The smells, the food, the sites, and the people...I can't wait to go back to Europe this summer. Thank you for the wonderful tips and new places to visit.



nyc/caribbean ragazza

Love this list.

You've listed so many of the reasons I moved to Italy in the first place.


Such a great post, Well done.

For me Liguria, Lake Como, Sicily, Panetonne, Coffee, Wine, Pasta, the different foods all stay in my mind...but the one thing on my list that makes me miss Italy, are the views from every place I have stayed.


I am far too lazy to come up with so many traits to praise, although of course one must have them if one has crossed the Atlantic to live here. It was reassuring to find your list about as libidinous as mine would be were I to make one. And I love that dog, too.

Judith in Umbria


Great list ! I'm with you on them all. They are things that I had begun taking for granted and a few that I thought were my little secret!
No.97 was a new one...
And 'Bo' is a word that's started to creep into my English too.


thank you for this post - you just took me back to my trip to Italy and added many more reasons to return!!!


well you spell it all out! the reasons this is on MY wish list....some day, in the meantime so happy you are here!


I love this post! Thanks guys :)


i am with you on 1/57/64/83&84!

erin :: the olive notes

You know...i've tried leaving comments on the last 3 posts, but it hasn't worked. fingers crossed on this one :)

so i LOVE this post...great idea. #39 is a fav for me...but that Palio photo almost makes me feel like I'm going to loose my lunch! ha.

miss you guys.

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