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January 05, 2009



i just wrote you a note, and continued reading your blog and here you are where we live! or at least there you were. we are at the foot of the ventoux near bedoin and would have been skiing on the mountain when you were there, so next time you go to see your old friends, pop in and say hello!


So now I really don't feel bad that I've only seen the original Star Wars (and I may have fallen asleep on the super-comfy couch I was watching it on...).

I LOOOOVE that second photo--I wish that painting signs directly onto buildings was still in vogue here in the US (especially in the Northeast), but I would imagine that the ever-changing retail landscape would make that kind of difficult.


yes you must see Bridget Jones Diary and Withering Heights

Amanda@ A Tuscan View....

Antonina- I am laughing out loud at the thought of Julian watching 'The bridges of Madison County'. He would have to be under heavy sedation!

I really shouldn't laugh as I haven't seen these films either apart from Bridget Jones.

Why is everyone so freaked out about us never having watched 'Star Wars'. Our friends(who couldn't believe we hadn't seen it) showed it at Christmas for the children (who loved it) but we managed to miss it again!

Diana - I'd love to come over and see it with you as long as you break out some of that Barolo and we needn't worry about ragazza blowing the plot line because I think I know it anyway. Girl with ear muffs, two guys and a huge cuddly toy fight baddies in space. Am I right?

As always thanks for all the comments, keep them coming they always make us smile.


Your photo's are as always just lovely and timeless, I especially adore the mountain range and the doors,I think of door pictures as portals into peoples lives and history,who walked through and who were carried out for the last time.
Casablanca I could watch till the cows come home,I could not watch Schlinders List.You must rent The Bridges of Madison County with Meryl Streep, and my absolute favorite Summertime with Katherine Hepburn. A classic not to miss Withering Heights with Laurence Olivie.


There are a few on your list that are also on my list Julian.... but Star Wars!?? Hope your Year is off to a great start!


I saw some of those films. Could very well have done without them.
Buon Anno !

Diana Baur

A change of scenery is such a good thing. Especially when the change means going from Italy to France (seriously, how lucky are we here?) I have seen Casablanca and Brigit Jones' Diary. I think I saw Clockwork Orange too but it was when it first came out when I was young and I remember thinking, this is really weird. The rest I have also not seen. Maybe if you guys ever make it up here we will rent Star Wars. We'll invite Ragazza too but she might blow it by telling us the plot in advance.


Fab photos, love the one of the mountains!!

nyc/caribbean ragazza

Happy New Year!!!

I love the color of that blue door.

Is there a video store near you? Don't feel bad about your list. I work in film and know people who haven't seen a bunch of the classics. (I find that kind of scary. It would be like being a painter and not knowing who Picasso was)


Really? You never saw Star Wars? I think that's incredible!
Anyway....Happy New Year to you!


Happy New Year to you too. We also spent it with close friends - nothing better.

That's quite a list! I didn't laugh though. First, because mine is even more surprising/shocking and second because I share 3 of yours.


Here's wishing you a very happy 2009!

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