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January 15, 2009


Megan in Liguria

What a lovely and creative piece of art! You two have an "eye" I wish I had.

Amanda, I too am a pici fan!


Fun... would love to go looking for treasure! Nice finds.. the eyes have it.;)


oh to dig around those junkyards!!! and go eat Pici afterwards, this sounds like heaven!!

Diana Baur

I too like the rusty tabletop. And the door -- but I have a few of those so I find myself more drawn to the tabletop.

I love aging decadence. Maybe that's why I am feeling so good about myself these days :) :> :o


I think its an intuition for some to see something other then what an item appears to be.I recall one year a store in our area was selling out, as it was disassembled I inquired as to whether the mirrored many paneled door was going to be thrown out. Long story short I got the door for free had my Boss the German drive it home for me and placed it at the back corner nook of my garden , so as if to give the impression it had much more depth, I had the 'eye' my husband who later came home asked while having a beer " what's with the door at the back of the yard" He has no eye to speak of it its all black or white.So I say to you when the two of you think alike MAGIC HAPPENS!I would love the Oval with some sort of wrought iron rusted wiggly tails out one side liken to a comet.
The door is brilliant as a table or coffee table. The history of the hands that may have laid upon it...Priceless


Love that table top. I'd also put it on the wall with a big iron or brass bosse in the centre.

Vita Lenta nel Bel Paese

Cara Amanda,

Lucky you to have "il Tarlo". He certainly has an eye. and so have you! We have a nextdoor carpenter. He has stored lovely antique doors, shutters etc. But there is Tarlo and tarlo....

I have vivid memories of live tarlo from our semiterreno guest apartment. It took the decorators two weeks to "decontaminate" the 16th ceilings. We had go for a holiday in Puglia, and keep the house aired well into the autumn. Now I try not to fall for old wooden objects. Your metal table top would be just fine. Bacione, Ingrid

Judith in Umbria

It is actually your area where pici reigns. Just this far away-- maybe 20 miles? it is much rarer, whereas you can get any day of the week near the lake.

Nice finds, so am I ever going to go see the Tarlo?


So, don't leave us hanging! Did you get the tabletop or the door that would make a great tabletop? I like the door. Like you, I go to barn sales here in upstate NY and find wonderful things. Old greenish/blue shutters (that I hang indoors on either side of a window), an old fireplace front which had so many layers of paint but which gave lots of character. I don't like to see things go to the dogs, but use them somehow. They have so much charm, these old things. The pici looks heavenly :)

nyc/caribbean ragazza

I agree...you both have "an eye".

I love this type of pasta and you are right it's perfect with thicker sauces. Yum!!!


clearly you *both* have the gift of the eye!


i think you BOTH have 'the eye'

somebody over there
has GREEEEAT taste~buds,

it looks like to me.


i would eat some of this--->
‘pici al ragu’
on a rusty looking table top
any day
with you guys over
in umbria....

any day....

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