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October 12, 2008



It all sounds so..romantic :)


My childhood was also blessed with the magic of the vineyards. Even though we lived in the city, my parents loved to teach us a love for the land during weekends and school vacations. My paternal grandfather had a lot of vineyards and sold a great part of his grapes for the production of Porto wine. This city girl had lot of fun on weekends, especially in September, picking up grapes and stepping on them in huge cement tanks. We had such great experiences my brother and I. Thank you for reminding me of how wonderful it is to walk the vineyards at sunset listening to the crickets and cicadas. Lovely post!

Judith in Umbria

My father liked Canadian Club or Four Roses with sugar and hot water or with ginger ale. This has not helped me in life one bit.
He did however eat well and that has been of great use to me.

Ingrid in Umbria

Cara Amanda,

Grazie per il giro! Foto stupenda! You are in a fantastic region for wines. So many fattorie to visit. Envy, envy!!!! Our wine zone is smaller - production more local. But quality is good and prices good value for money. Bacione, Ingrid


My dad always had two large green demijohns under the back stairs the had green plastic faux wicker looking covers. On Sundays he'd he'd lead an unsuspecting son in law there to help him transfer the wine into bottles for the Sunday lunch.Of course the small enclosed space and the fumes wafting up, it was dad who ended up carrying the bottles to the kitchen while the other was sitting on the bottom stairs holding his spinning head.Then inform either myself or my sister ..go see what's wrong with your husband...


We are coming to Italy later this month and you information on wine will be most helpful. You have a great blog!

nyc/caribbean ragazza

I can just smell the wine as I read your post.

Beautifully written.

Brit' Gal Sarah

My father was the wines and spirits buyer for the Co-op in the 70's and so I had very similar family holidays. I also remember playing amongst the vines, being given a watered down taste and the coolness of the cellars. Like you I wish I had soaked up a little more expert knowledge, but then I was only 10! Thanks for bringing back the happy memories


This is exactly the place where Julian's post which started "I know it shouldn't happen like this.." happened to me!

We went along to buy some wine and, out of the blue, were treated to a vintage car rally and a flag throwing spectacular by chaps in medieval costumes.

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