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October 01, 2008



Great post! I too love old houses, ruined houses. Love the second picture, with the odd pattern of bricks and stones and the two shutters faded differently.
Also, imagine I'll make the carbonara before long...it's been years since I cooked that.


That pasta looks delicious and I'm going to try it:) There's a sadness and wonder in those old abandoned houses. Makes you wonder who lived there, why they left... it is very romantic. great post.


I just made that wonderful pasta. In the absence of peperoncino, I added coarsely ground black pepper and a little grated nutmeg. Bellisimo!


Well, you don't need ME to tell you have fabulous your blog is. And I love going into old or abandoned empty houses and imagining...

Amanda @ A Tuscan view...

Aww! Thanks for all the birthday wishes. It's so great to have you guys with us on this journey. Keep the comments coming we love reading them.

michelle of bleeding espresso

Happy belated birthday wishes...what a perfect way to celebrate! Mine is coming up next weekend, so I'm thinking I'll suggest a similar bday jaunt to P....


Happy Belated birthday Amanda and many more to come! It was my birthday also last week on the 3rd.of Oct. Your soliloquize on your drive thru the country side and the little house was just lovely. As always Marito's comments make me laugh. I think I'll make the pasta tonight. This weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving , turkey and pumpkin pie and any ground vegetable you can get your hands on.I wish your family a Happy thanksgiving and a bountiful new coming year.

Megan in Liguria

So enjoy your blogs (from both of you!). This is a sweet one. Keep 'em coming! Auguri!


Happy Belated Birthday...pleased you had a super day!:-)

Love carbonara, I have some of those little packets with herbs in..picked them up when in Italy and I have been sent some. Yummy!!


After all those Bruschetta's, I can feel he kilos coming back with the Carbonara !
Hope that it was a great birthday...

Ingrid in Umbria

Cara Amanda,

Happened to find your blog - by chance, looking for other expat blogs from Umbria/Tuscany. Lovely photo! Complimenti! I am an expat Swede in Portaria(tra Todi e Terni) close to the Carsulae Roman excavation. Through my blog I am trying to give the Colori & Sapori of this lovely region. My blog address is wwwricciericicom-ingridj.blogspot.com.


Happy HAPPY birthday!


I just love the stories that old abandoned buildings tell...the secrets hidden deep in layers of rust and patina.

AND the fig, ricotta and honey bruschette?? this looks amazing!!


Hey birthday girl!! I hope you had a wonderful day. I'm with you. LOVE old houses! I fixed up a few and it was a great feeling of satisfaction. Lots of work, but all worth it to me in the end. Do it again?..um..no! ;)

Judith in Umbria

The difference in my neighborhood is that I know a lot of old people who were born and reared here so I can ask and get the whole story. Or at least one version of it.

nyc/carribean ragazza

Happy birthday!

I have been obsessed lately with a show on the Discovery Channel about British couples who buy abandoned house and renovate them.

I always wonder about house like that too.


Just wanted to chime in with the Happy Birthday wishes. The day sounds lovely, and the pasta amazing.


I'm with you. Love ruins from cottages to castles (and everything in between).

Amanda @ A Tuscan view...

Yes Charlie that is so true and because they are often in inaccessible locations and would cost to much to 'do up'.

Diane, I'm so glad you're enjoying blog.

Thanks for the birthday wishes.


I love abandoned houses too, but here they are mostly abandoned because they have been inherited by a bunch of litigous siblings who cant agree on what to do with the building so it just sits and rots away. Drives me mad!


Happy Birthday- and what a wonderful day you had! It sounds like such fun...much better than any fancypants restaurant. Your Carbonara made me hungry! I am due to make some soon! Auguri!

Ice Tea For Me

I love to look at old structures and try and feel what it might have been in the past or imagine the people that lived there. Your words were eloquent.

Sounds like you had a perfect b-day.

Happy Birthday!


Wonderful, just up my street, but not for my non romantic Sicilian husband, believe it or not. I must say I do enjoy your blog.
From a Welsh female

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