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September 10, 2008


Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Loving that fig/ricotta/honey combo...so sad to see summer go if just for the figs.

Brit' Gal Sarah

Oh I miss the beach here in Okieland. This post was a wonderful reminder and it looks gorgeous. As does your breakfast!


Beautifully written Amanda.


I've been to Tuscany lots of times but never to the coastal part. It's on my to-do list.

Your breakfast idea looks gorgeous.


"All you have is what you take".

That says it all. Nothing more to add.


I have been MIA for the last few weeks and the first chance I get to read your blog, you're linking me! Thanks Amanda! that post was beautifully written... I love that drive from Grosseto through Tuscany with the windows down. One of my favorites especially when the Sunflowers are peaking.
Hope you guys are well and by the way... You are Posh!


Oh Bella Italia! Leggendo i tuoi post apprezzo cose a cui sono abittuata..e dimentico di guardarle!


Yeah, yeah...beach, waves, sand, sun, I get it. Where's the fig "cake" ;) haha



THERE are the umbrella pines
i remember so well from italy!

like your visit to the beach,
my visit here to your blog
is a mini~vacation.

thanks for the view!


carry on.....................


Oh my. My gracious. That looks absolutely delicious. I wish figs grew here. I would definitely look forward to that; dried figs from the super don't have the same appeal.

erin :: the olive notes

This bruschetta looks AMAZING! Can you believe I just had fresh fig for the first time last night?!? I think I'm a fan though :)


Bliss is the word I am going to use as well. :-)

How tasty your bruschetta looks...:-)

Judith in Umbria

Your beach sounds perfect. I am only an hour from mine, but it's Fano with unbrellas, chaise longue and funky bars. It isn't a total fake, though, because there is a fishing industry and you can even lunch at the fisherman's coop and for very little eat pesci azzuri.
I like all this best way off season, but your beach is nice right now.


One word (in relation to the food)- YUM. Another word, (in relation to the beach)-Bliss :)

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