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September 16, 2008




how super that you were there
during the flour*wars!


if only all battles
could be fought this way...


wait WAIT

this was NOT a war
but a celebration
of life
and love of pizza and pasta!

never mind about the war part...
if only...............


..."and then Amanda scooped up enough flour to go home and bake cake".
That's the part you forgot, right? haha
Great photos!

Brit' Gal Sarah

Oh my! Sounds like that tomato fiesta in Pamplona every year, love the piccies

nyc/carribean ragazza

great photos and post. I feel like I'm there seeing it with my own eyes.


Hey there' one would think that it may take a few years before you become the intrepid photo hound of Festa's di jour.Next time round you'll be better prepared plastic clear bags in pant pockets at the ready. Able to photograph all matter of flying flour , sauce, grapes, tomatoes etc. Just being there I'm sure was a hoot and a holler to see.

Leanne in Italy

Your photos are fantastic! Really they are. I have never heard of this festa before. How internesting to have seen (experienced) it!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

*cough cough* OK now where's the big frying pan full of last year's olive oil now that everyone is infarinata'ed?


You're right. It shouldn't happen like that, but it does. You did make me smile because it rang so true. When it does, isn't just the best bonus to what was going to be a simple visit to a town?

(Loved the pictures too. It was worth ruining the camera for those.)

erin :: the olive notes

this has to be one of my most favorite photo stories you've done... AMAZING photos. What an event! I'm so sad to miss all the summer festivals...


Cannot take in the photographs on this Post!!! Sorry but they deserve an award. Love every single one...wish I could do that ;)

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