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September 23, 2008


Amanda @ A Tuscan view...

Ciao tutti, thanks for all the comments.
Guess what I've got some great bruschette for Autumn (fall!) coming up, I'm thinking beans, I'm thinking greens!

michelle of bleeding espresso

Love red peppers, especially with bruschetta. And that's the loveliest rendition of the grembiuli I've ever seen.

Cherrye at My Bella Vita

Fun end of summer party! The bruschetta looks GOOD. I love that stuff!!


Cara Amanda,
loved the aprons for school I vaguely recall wearing a little checkered one for Nursery school in Sicily.
Your love of food and the acceptance of cultural differences is so refreshing.
You must try bruschette with grilled eggplant and those dry looking black olives { olive secco}and capers. enjoy the warmth of the Italian fall days and soft balmy nights.

Karen Cole

Well, hello again, Amanda and Julian!

Arrived home on Sunday evening and haven't had time to think, let alone check the blogging world.

I was so pleased to have met you both. Sorry that I didn't have a camera to better chronicle the moment. Sorry that I didn't have the time to sit down for a cup of ......anything. Would have loved to have seen the work you are doing to your home.......next time.

The two "aprons" make me smile. I'm so glad that your children got off to a good start. There is nothing better for parents.

.....and dam, somehow I am now hungry for some reason.

Until we meet again, see you in bloglandia!

xoo Karen


I love bruschetta in any flavor.... yours look delicious! and yes... the summer has come to an end once again but ya gotta love fall:)


Hi Amanda :)
Great blog!! I make bruschetta all the time but have never tried it with peppers...guess what we are having tonight ;)


Bruschetta is fine for me...any time, any day...even more than once a day! Right now we're savoring the last of the local tomatoes...hard to believe summer is over, isn't it? On to the new oil! More bruschetta! Yeah!


Oh man, now I'm hungry. Have done different variations of the peppers but never thought about the spinach - sounds good. I'm thinking maybe with a little ricotta salata (sp) on top or feta.

We've been back to school for a few weeks now and actually, this was the first year we started with a half-day too.

nyc/carribean ragazza

I agree this is not a bad groove to be in. ha

Looks delicious.


That's not a bad groove to be in. (Thought you had a flowering pine tree for a moment.)


Awww...I wore one of those "grembiulis" in school in Portugal when I was a kid. This brought back memories! And I do know exactly how you feel with kids getting back to school...mine are 12 and 17 and I still feel the same way ;).
In Portugal we used every opportunity we had to have cappuccino(or "Bica" as we call it in Lisbon), but now, if I have more than one strong one ...I'll be hyper all day.
I have to try your bruschette recipes-you made me hungry ;)


Bruschette...almost my favourite food in its infinite seasonal variations. So delighted your children are settled and accepted at school. That's a huge hurdle to get over. Integration in the community is essential nourishment for the soul.

erin :: the olive notes

BORED?!?! Well at least they were looking forward to going back to school? We always talk about your bruschette...some of the best we've had :)

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