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August 28, 2008



Being from Portugal, I DO KNOW what you talking about. August is the month everything STOPS, indeed...lol...
And if you have any legal paperwork or official stuff to do that month...GOOD LUCK! Everyone is gone with their "plastic bags" ;)

Leslie M.

And I'm following Karen on September 11. I can hardly wait. Lining up my own plastic bags. Your blog just makes me all the more eager to get there!


Your blog is warm, endearing, funny and eloquent. I also love the visual impact - some of the photos of food are just stunning. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your view of Italy from Umbria, and your profound sense of wonderment and appreciation, mixed with great humour, for where you live.

Michele Lee

Found your blog through a friend the other day. I love it! It's nice to be taken way for a little day trip every now and then. Thanks,



yes YES
to all of this!!


i have only been in italy once in august
it was as you explained
in this posting...
thanks ever~so for reminding me of the little signs on the doors.

this----->a crumbly wedge of parmesan
with apple juice {{or a really fresh apple}} IS sometimes the best dessert
even if it is here
in the states...
thanks for reminding me of that, too...

and blue cheese
with a fresh pear...

isn't life grand!

Susanna di Poderaccio

Hey Mandy & Julian;
We were just thinking of you and thought we should look you up. We miss the estate terribly and your blog helps to soothe the sadness. Can't wait to come back in November.
Dobbiamo mangiare insieme in novembre quando siamo li.

Brit' Gal SarBah

I also love the roadside Madonna's, late summer in Italy - just that thought makes me smile :-)


Hey sista friend! I love fresh pressed apple juice (which will be readily available here soon). I'm in apple country.We call it cider. Any chance of some apple cake? haha ;)

Amanda @ A Tuscan view...

Hey there! I just have to say a big thank you to everyone coming over here from Bleeding Espresso. We'd love to hear from you so please, please leave a comment. It's really easy to do and it's your comments that make this whole blog thing so great.

...and Michelle honey, 'you're simply the best'.

nyc/carribean ragazza

This was my first summer in Italy and it was so strange to see the city of Rome clear out (except for the tourists). Today all the stores in my neighborhood are reopening. The repairman came by today to fix a light and he was tan and rested. Of course I had to wait three weeks for him to return. ha.


Hi Amanda,
Thank you for dropping by.
What a nice blog you have.
Will you be able to see Karen while she is in Italy? It would be so great!!
I remember the little alters all over Italy, with the Madonna's. It's nice to see then here and be reminded, so thank you.
Have a great day tomorrow!


I love apple juice and that looks like the *perfect* apple juice!

Judith in Umbria

Go back to the blog and read figs and plums. Make fig and lemon conserve and you will never look back. Open the ****** windows and you won't have steam!

erin :: the olive notes

oh, Ferragosto...how I miss thee.

We love finding the shrines all over...I call them 'holy spots'. The best one was in the Cinque Terre decorated with shells and a lobster skeleton. The photos are great.

I especially love the screen visitors :)


I love the Madonnas in the niches...what a lovely tradition! That slowing August pace must be very calming...unless of course you should happen to need a plumber :)

Will you see Karen on her trip to Italy I wonder??

Karen Cole

I am officially green with italian envy. I am packing my plastic bags soon and I'm there.

the apple juice
a blues festival (I happen to be a Shemeika Copeland fan...but mostly a blues fan
beautiful madonnas

Your blog is looking great!!!

I'm headed over on September 10th. Can't wait.

Judith in Umbria

Not preserving? Anything?


I can't remember the last time I had a decent glass of apple juice - your description is making my mouth water.

I did enjoy the collection of Madonnas. Isn't it lovely when you turn a corner or look up and see a new one?

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