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July 05, 2008



Ciao tutti

Thanks for all the lovely comments you really are very kind.

Scintilla - Ha! I haven't been using gelato as a meal substitute just adding it in as an extra!

For all you would be gorgonzola and honey fans, too late! We're on to the ricotta and cinnamon now.

Chris - Ben tornato! What's happened to your blog? We miss it.

Sally - LOL! As if there weren't enough of them already.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

What a delicious post! Gorgonzola and honey sounds fabulously intriguing, but I have yet to meet a flavor I didn't like so I suppose I'm not a great critic ;)

Brit' Gal Sarah

This blog post was utter bliss from the ferry to the gelato, I was just sucked into your beautiful world and carried away for a few minutes before bed - thank you


Another beautifully written post. Are you planning a book? Gorgonzola and honey? Yes, please.

nyc/carribean ragazza

These photos are absolutely gorgeous.

I love exploring places like that island, although I wouldn't want to confront the mutant cats. Very scary. :)

Judith in Umbria

I drove the raccordo around Perugia last Tuesday and thought about you all. I knew you were somewhere around there, but not where. It was very lovely and dry that morning, but by night when I returned it was hellishly humid. Every light was haloed. 2 AM and all was very quiet.

Chris Lewis

Sounds like an experience done as it should be! I enjoy yours and Julian's writing so much - so accurate yet full of imagery. You could have guessed that my favorite part was the mention of the Swallows. I don't know if they were Swifts or Swallows outside our apartment, but I'm pretty sure they behave similarly. I can't help but smile a distant smile when I think of them.


Your description of your day trip made me weep, it was beautify done. In fact one could imagine all the scenery in our minds eye almost making the photo's not necessary but welcomed none the less. Gelato made from the hands of a goddess, flavors that make our mouth's salivate. Lucky you four!


Gorgonzola gelato. Now THAT I have to try! The island looks beautiful and your description makes me want to hop a plane. Hope you guys are doing well..well, you must be with all that gelato!

erin :: the olive notes

Oh, save me some gorgonzola and honey! That sounds intriguing. It seems like you are making the most of the summer...I love those spontaneous trips.

The rest of those flower photos from Pieve are AMAZING! I would frame all of those patterns. Ci manchi molto...e ci manca Italia. Ma allora, torneremo presto...(spero!)


Beautiful photos.


I love the calm of water in the early morning. It's my favourite time to go out in the boat too.
Don't Italians keep saying that gelato can substitute a meal in summer ? Enjoy !

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