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July 23, 2008



We had our house in Positano lime-washed for years. It used to annoy me because the paint would leave a dusty coat on our clothes when we leant on the walls. But after many mistakes with the horrid premixed industrial colours painters have put on the walls, I am insisting that the next coat is in lime and that it matches the colour that I want exactly !


your pictures are great!
they make me desire to bite those bruschette...

great blog,

nyc/carribean ragazza

Great post. The color of the buildings was the first thing I noticed as the cab drove into the Center from the airport.

I had a hard time returning to L.A.


The Bruschette looks delicious. I am always looking for new ways to use tomatoes from our garden. I'll make something similar with mozzarella, now I want to try it with ricotta!

Amanda @ A Tuscan view...

Ciao tutti

I wish you could all come over for bruschette and give me a hand with these colours. The reality is more difficult than the post. I guess it's a case of don't blog until the fat lady sings, and I ain't talkin bout you Shemekia!

Thanks for stopping by Margi and Marja, we love all the comments so please keep them coming.


I was first taken to Italy when I was about seven and one of my most vivid memories from that trip was coming out of a gelateria and seeing the same colours... apricot, strawberry, butterscotch... on the buildings. That gives you a very good opinion of a place when you're seven :-)

Brit' Gal Sarah

I have had a similar infatuation with the colours of bella Italia, they are stunning in all lights. Can't wait to see your final choice Amanda - caio




all your photos of color.


the tomatoes on toast
looked good, too....


Just discovered your blog. I love Tuscany, Its in my top ten to go. I love colours and yum that dish sounds delicious. Havew a great day

Ice Tea For Me

Amanda, it sounds like you could have a handful of people over for bruschette & prosecco in a heartbeat if we could all just get there! Looks delish.

The rich colors of the Italian landscape are amazing.

When I redid my house I did not leave one wall without color. Only the base boards and doors are an off white and it looks great. I'll be posting about my home makeover in August.


The color you show here on the walls is the color I was aiming for on my home. Of course without the calce, the layers of chalky white then color we don't have that beautiful undulation....but it's as close to this feeling as I could get!

The bruchette looks amazing! and thanks for the recipe tips about broiling the tomatoes first, I've never done that....



Beautiful post...What colour did you choose?? Do tell!!

I love Bruschette...just right for a summers lunch..:-)

erin :: the olive notes

I just LOVE LOVE this post. It's so beautifully written and somehow dreamy or nostalgic. You're right about the colors there...they are magical or something. I just took a break from painting our living room, and it's not as romantic sounding as your experience ;)

My Mélange

I feel everything that you described about Italy, the layers, the colors. I would love to be able to recreate that for myself. I fear I would walk around that warehouse, so overwhelmed, that I would leave time and time again with nothing and my walls would remain stark white. I have a hard time making decisions like that :)

I sure hope we get to see the finished result.

Your tomatoes on toast looks amazing. I'll give it a try!!!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Can I live in this post? Jump inside and play in the fields, rub my hands on those textured walls and then snack on the bruschetta while sipping chilled prosecco?

Because you know I would if I could.

Amanda @ A Tuscan view...

Hi Sally

No colour restrictions here because we are not painting the outside of the house (although I can see why you might have thought we were:)!
I just really like the photographs of these beautiful buildings in Cortona.

We are painting inside.

Roam to Rome - The camera is a Cannon 400d, thanks for the complimenti!

Leanne - Nothing better than a cliff hanger eh! Ha ha!


The undulations on those old plastered walls work really well with the earthy colours, don't they? Great idea to link that with undulating fields.

Were you restricted with the colour choice by local regulations?


I'm wondering what kind of camera you have... those are amazing pictures! Of course, the scenery before you helps, too :)

Bruschette are my favorite! Something about the Balsamic vinegar and tomato combo...yum.


Which colour did you chose? Ohhh...you're leaving us hanging on here!

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