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July 11, 2008


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Impressive blog! -Arron

Judith in Umbria

I am really really sorry to hear about this. I once wore a cast and a brace to hold it over my head for a year. Believe me, I can sympathize!


poverina! I hope she is back swimming and riding her bike soon.


so happy to see
is on hand to help with the healing!


not the same a swimming in the sea
from the healthy & used condition of the cast
it looks as if your youngest
has gone on with her life.

here in florida
a summer cast is the kiss of death
to social activities.


My son broke his femur so I feel your pain. He was in hospital for over 3 weeks. It was hard for us all. He is fine now and swimming. Mind you, he nearly drowned in the pool so perhaps it is good not to be able to go in the pool!


I winced when I read of the poor child's broken arm, my own little girl now eighteen one summer age 5 broke her wrist when she fell, 6 weeks latter got cast off be careful the doctor said yes she nodded and came home ran out side 5 minutes later and broke the other wrist, called family doctor because if I taken her to hospital family services would have been called , all things take their time to heal, hopefully the summer weather will last till late into October for her.As she British and stalwarts she may get her swim in yet.

My Mélange

Aww, poor thing. Another 20 days of her summer. I dislocated my elbow on the monkey-bars 5 minutes after we arrived at a family picnic when I was 9. Talk about ruining a party!

Your paintings are delicious. They are dripping Italy :)



Oh poor thing...40 days is a long time, not to be able to do things..love your drawings :-)


Is that Sponge Bob along with your architectural sketches?

Get well soon Piccolina.


awww..well one good thing is that the cast is very cool! I hope everything is mended nicely now and you all have a beautiful summer. I love your drawings :)


Beautiful pictures indeed, what an artist! :) i take pictures with my camera instead =)
Feel free to visit us in Narni, I'll give you the address, we have a room that i called mercatino bits and bobs where there is stuff for sale that i make (bags and purses etc.) and other new and used things. We are in the countryside :)

erin :: the olive notes

oh no! Non ancora 20 giorni!?! Da quando commencera'' estate?

Those paintings are amazing...I can't wait until your classes start!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

My nephew broke his arm a few summers ago; I was "lucky" enough to break mine in the winter :(

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