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June 19, 2008



Ah another one has given and been assimilated in to the vortex of the SUPER WEED WHACKER as we say in CANADA, my marito also on Friday nights gets his gear on Safety glasses and steel toe construction boots white socks , Bermuda shorts old t shirt and straps on his weed whacker that his dutiful son got for fathers day a few years ago. He has been known to weed whack tops off plants such as peonies and daisy's and an entire row of lavender. Then had the nerve to tell me someone is growing a smelly plant near by.I'd like to give him a little trim sometimes with that thing but my arms are not long enough to pull out that starter cord,so he's safe for now.

nyc/carribean ragazza

belle foto.

I hope it's cooler where you are. Rome is crazy hot!


Superb photo of the countryside.

We used to 'strim' the lawn at Positano, then we bought a mini 'tosa erba' - makes the weeds look more acceptable.

Ice Tea For Me

What lovely pictures, you should post more, they're beautiful.

I hate to 'weed whack' my lawn, it takes longer then the actual mowing part. I do love to mow though, my slave labor (son) moved out several years ago so I'm now back to doing it myself. Argh!

erin :: the olive notes

beautiful photos...love the one in the grass! I'm still a little stumped on how to say "decespugliatore" :)

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