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June 10, 2008



Ciao tutti
Thanks for all the comments, we love them. They are what keeps this blog 'live'!

Hello Desi and My Melange, pleased to meet you.

I'm so glad everyone like the photos, I love the lago, I've heard if dissed in comparison with Como and Garda, but I say, why can't they all be beautiful!

Don't worry Nell there will be plenty of gelato!

Maryann, Can you spot my fake tan all the way from New York?!!!

My Mélange

What breathtaking photos!! Now I have a photo to go with the many descriptions of the lake in *Under the Tuscan Sun* And those treats look to die for.....


Hey guys, how are you? I only wanted to let you know that I'm again online after a little problem with the internet connection :P



Gimme some cake!
-your orange butted sister lol


It is Fathers Day in Canada today and I'd like to wish Julian and all the fathers out there a Happy Fathers Day today you rule supreme.

Cherrye at My Bella Vita

See... THAT is why I want to visit there. Those photos are really amazing. I saw someone say "stunning" above - GREAT word choice!

The pastries aren't bad, either!


Hi Amanda,
Yes we've been getting more than our fair share of rain here. The water level in the lakes have gone up noticeably, as I'm sure Trasimeno would too under the same circumstances! The problem now are the mosquitos -- how I dread those insects!


Hi, thanks a lot for the comment, I'm glad that you appreciate my blog, because I feel exactly the same for yours; I found you yesterday (always thanks to Joe's blog) and I wanted to ask if it's ok to add your blog in my blogroll, you just anticipated me :P
Let's keep in touch, thanks again and have a nice time, ciao!


Photo's of lake breathtaking,visceral almost magical.The cake and dolcie I gained weight just looking at them,but was there no gelato to be had. I so miss having it rich lemony or fresh strawberry flavor.


Looks good enough to eat.
Good thing that pastries are rather expensive in Positano. I'd be quite a few kilos overweight otherwise...

The Lake is fabulous. How it changes with the fall of the light and wind !

milanese masala

Wonderful pictures of the lake! I love Italian pastries too. I love going to the local shop on Sunday mornings and surprising my kids with a trayful of pasticcini.


Oh, Lake Trasimeno is even more beautiful in your photos! I am so sorry I couldn't meet up with you on this trip. I would love to on the next one.


Wow fantastic photos, the views are just brilliant!!

nyc/carribean ragazza

These photos are stunning. I need to take a little vacation...soon!

Darn the low dollar. :(

erin :: the olive notes

Oh, I recognize that lake :) Beautiful photos. I would definitely be up for visiting that town today, as well as sharing in a few bombolloni :)


Of course I made my own too! Home-made birthday cake is the law in this house. Nigella's 'Old- Fashioned Chocolate Cake' with adapted icing (my kids don't do dark chocolate, yet!) so I make the icing with mostly milk choc and a little 80% to give it a boost. Whole lot gone in one greedy go!


I love lakes and I miss the Swedish abundance of them so this beautiful post made me happy! Thanks!

Judith in Umbria

What! You aren't going to make your own?

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