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May 17, 2008



Just to cheer, I have, and will continue to forward this to all my friends. I wish you grand success!

italian foodie

Oh how exciting, congrats!! I'll def put a link up, best of luck with it all, the site looks great. I love the header!


Hi You have removed a post ..the ones with paintings of shutters on!!!

Brit' Gal Sarah

Totally forgiven and wonderful, I wish I was close enough to visit!


Thanks for looking at the site Michelle, glad you liked my little joke!

Can't wait to get the email, Sally and yes I know the Star and Garter well!

Leslie, thank you for your kind comments. We would love to see you here anytime. The courses are all about 'having a go' and we think that 'beginners' will love them. All you really need is the willingness to try:)


My gosh! I've wanted to return to Italy since my first visit in 2006. And to learn to paint while there would be fantastic! It's something I've always wished I could do, but was too embarrassed to try for fear of failing. But this looks like something I'd definitely do. I'll certainly keep this possible adventure in mind. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to do it this year, but maybe next. Best of luck to you both in your new venture. I'm sure you'll be a rousing success!


I just learnt from the message you left on 'Bleeding Espresso' that we have even more in common: I used to pass the Star and Garter every morning on my way to work before leaving to live in Italy. (PS I did send you the email as promised - Sally)

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

P.S. Love the answer to the Atkins question in the FAQs ;)

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Not shameless at all! Simply gorgeous! Love the new site. Very inviting. AUGURI :)


Thanks for the comments folks and please keep them coming, we are still working on the site
and every comment helps.

Rowenna - I'm so glad you like the colour scheme . We wanted the website to have a similar feel to the blog.
nyc - Ha, it won't be the last you hear I'm sure.
Linda - Thank you so much.
Amy - Thanks for the good wishes.

Amy B

I can't wait to look at it! Best of luck to you both..... How wonderful to realize your dream!

tanti baci,


Julian, the web site is great. You have very reasonable prices.

I've posted about your web sites and will add your blog to my blog list once I figure out why it's not letting me do so.

Best of luck,

nyc/carribean ragazza

Congrats!!! How exciting. I look forward to hearing more about this.


The website is gorgeous (love the color scheme and choice of font). Shameless promotion? I'm all for it!!


Thank you Annechung, Diane and Jeni for your good wishes and thanks for the link Jeni we really appreciate it.

Diane Tapscott

Good luck, you are following my dream. I envy you and I wish you every succes from a Brit married to an Italian that probably were too nervous to take the plunge. Now we will retire to Sicily - all the best to eveyone.


No apologies necessary for the self-promotion! If we don't promote ourselves and our dreams, who will? Bravi! I am very happy for you two and congratulate you on getting this up and running, and your house finished (or is it?) :-) I will certainly post your site on my website under "links".


How fun, wow, I stumbled on this from Anne in Oxfordshire/Sicilyscene. I wish you incredible success


Thanks Judith, LOL! The model is marito with a buzz cut! Slow loading is a side effect of rural Italy I think and thanks for the invitation lets fix a date:)

Judith in Umbria

I think we all wanted to know, so no shame is called for. Actually, your model has a certain Montalbanoesque flavor and since he is the number one male attraction in Italian TV for all age groups taken together, I predict success. Your September start date means you will be able to lunch in my garden one day before art strangles your social life.
The page did load slowly for me, probably because of the gallery feature, but probably none of your students are on dialup like me.


Thanks Sally any suggestions are very welcome and yes I promise...


I have had a look at the site and it's looking great. I'm going to send you an email with my suggestions - as long as you'll promise some of Julian's paintings on this blog. In any case, I wish you every success with this venture.

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