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May 11, 2008



Thank you so much for all the comments, they always make our day.

Antonina - That panino sounds delicious.

Jackie - Urbino is on my list of must sees. The Madonna del parto is worth a return trip. You won't regret it.

Donna Amanda - Thanks for stopping by and for the link.

Leslie - Those Swiss Guards are a bit freaky.

Sarah - We call that fresco neck!

Ilva - Thanks for the compliment, you're very kind.

Ciao tutti


Beautiful photos! I think that the copyright issue is strange, I just have to look into that...and that poppy photo is absolutely wonderful, I wish I had shot it!

Brit' Gal Sarah

Everytime I have visited Italy I have been ever more stunned by the incredble art treasures around every corner. I think I left with a crick in my neck after my last visit to Rome, from hours staring at ceilings in awe :-)


When I was at the Vatican, I took a photo of a Swiss Guard and he came rushing towards me saying "No Photos!" He was so young, but tall and very very angry! But I got the picture anyway! I do remember we were told NOT to take photos in the Sistine Chapel, I guess for the same reason you mentioned about the damage it can do. ALL the food in Italy is fantastico and the people are so very friendly. You are so lucky to be living there. :D


you're so right Amanda. The food tastes much better when you're in a great place with the right company.


Dear Amanda, what a wonderful blog, im sure you already know that hope we can collaborate and do guest posts. I added you as a link on my blog. We bought our 200 yrs old house near como and renovated it see my blog http://www.italyexpat.blogspot.com.
enjoy your beautiful umbria where we have spent many glorious days.
Donna Amanda


when we were in Arezzo last we didn't get close up enough to get a good view of the frescoes, unfortunately (so thank you for your photos!). Two weekends ago, though, we did a little drive through that part of Tuscany to make it to Sansepolcro (to see the Resurrection), but we DIDN'T stop in the little town where the madonna del parto is--I really wish we had! Oh well, next time. If you haven't already made it to Urbino here in Le Marche to see the paintings by Piero della Francesca at the museum there, you should!



Art is the ticket to the past whether of recreation of a specific person place or thing, its a gift to the future to remember a time lost in the past and allow it to live again. How wonderful that you've shared this with all of us. Thank you .
A panini sandwich my papa made of caponata on toasted rustic bread drizzled with good olive oil , is heavenly and some nice red wine.


I love your field of flowers :)

erin :: the olive notes

you're right! my mediocre roll with pomodoro and mozzarella tasted a lot better as well... :)

What a lovely post to start my Sunday morning :)

And please, even the most liberal copyright law doesn't extend 510 years....glad you took the risk. Amazing.

Wish I could have been there for that panino experience; sounds fabulous!

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