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April 21, 2008



Just found your blog from Karen Cole's. I was going to rent Cloverfield this weekend. Thanks for the heads up on that. Maybe I will watch My House in Umbria instead. :>)
Beautiful photos of spring and I love the dog photos.
We are planning to visit Italy, first time for me, next May. Can't wait!


I saw Cloverfield with my son who was home for a few days, so in that context..it was wonderful!


Commander Zorcan while visiting earth was attacked by the tall and small of planet Pink.
He was taken to a strange facility of care were discombobulated road workers are forced to stitch up unsuspecting patients.Left to his friends and his own devices he made it back to the arms of his beloved Amanda and wept that they didn't even offer him a lolly.

ps hope you get healed soon ....


Well, the Italians like to be multi-talented , saves money on hiring more people!xx


You look pretty safe in that photo... actually safe enough to withstand a chemical attack! thanks for the review on Cloverfield... it WAS on my list but no longer.


I loved the observation about the bright orange overalls - there are rather a lot of them about, aren't there? Maybe they just sell them in bulk as a 'job lot'. Take care!


And you never even showed us the stitches on Saturday! Great to meet Amanda and the girls though, will think of you next time I'm in Kingston!

nyc/carribean ragazza

Okay I hope those doctors where not the same men on the motorway. :)

I missed Cloverfield when it came out. I think I will pass on the DVD.

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