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April 28, 2008


Rosalinda Ord

Oh, he's gorgeous! He seems very cuddly as well! He must be feeling so good with that new haircut, especially now that he is becoming a chick-magnet! And oh, he might love to have a bite of that steak. It might also make him feel "Macho."


Indeed he does look gorgeous. Our's have just suffered the indignity of the clippers too.

Miranda Taxis

ahh, he is lovely - and now you have that all needed excuse for a daily walk! Can't wait to meet him - will he and Molly be friends for ever too?? Mx


"BAU BAU"! That means thanks everyone in Italian dog speak.

Hello and welcome to anyone new who turned up here, we love the comments each and every one.

Leslie, you need to ask me that question again in about 5 years time. Then I may have an answer because it's far too soon to tell yet.

Rowena, Thanks for the info. I love all that crazy stuff so I will try to check it out.

Karen, thanks for coming by, we are very nearly ready with our new website which will reveal all.

Ciao tutti

Karen Cole

Ah yes, the delicious steak and the ever delicious butcher......hmmmm which one?

Thanks for visiting and your lovely comments. I am truly flattered.

In fact, I did an art workshop in Cortona in 2006 and will return this year for another in September ( I'll also be in Italy in June as well......probably just to eat....lots of ravioli...near Genoa where my mother in law is from.

I tried to find some info here on what you are planning to do as far as an art retreat goes, but I have not found anything yet. I'll keep looking. You certainly have the right location for inspiration!!!


Al Pacino eyes? ok, I'm in!

Brit' Gal Sarah

Hello, thanks for dropping by my site and leaving me such a nice comment. You look like you are enjoying my ideal life in wonderful Italy. Oh and your dog is adorable, I love his colour. I will be hanging around :-)


Amy B

Hummmm... Now I wonder if my butcher likes me. Alfredo & I always compare notes & he definitely treats me better than him - how exciting! It's good to have an "in" with the meat-man. Good job, Amanda!

You pup-dog is adorable. I'll have to show him to my daughter when she wakes up. I'm sure he's cute no matter the amount of hair or lack of it.

tanti baci, Amy


Less than an hour's drive?!? Oh my gosh Amanda you've just gotta go! It's crazy-emotional madness (like Siena madness over their Palio horse race), but instead of horses, 3 tall wooden "ceri" candles with a small saint on the top are raced around the streets of Gubbio all the way to the top of Mt. Igino! I have to concede that it looks like a crowded mess sort of thing, and I would probably never attend the event with the dogs in tow, but if you love this sort of cultural chaos...I would be so thrilled if you posted on it! It is impossible for us to go given the time of year. Anyhoo, here's the link:



Calling to my dog...[Maddie!!!! Come see how handsome this doggie is!] -- he does have a beautifully expressive face. And the butcher with Al Pacino eyes? Whoo!! There's an engineer with Al Pacino eyes at my husband's workplace. In a few days he's getting married.(!)

Amanda, about the cable car, we hopped onto that scary thing on a visit several years back. My husband is not fond of heights. This year we simply left the car at the funivia's parking lot and walked up to M. Igino for a bit of exercise. Will you both be attending the Corsa dei Ceri on the 15th of this month?!?


your dog is so cute! what's this about un po' brutto? :) he's such a little charmer :). -Jackie

diane romano

I had to defend your handsome dog! See, he is no dummy. He posed for his picture!!


Your steak sounds soooo tasty..we always add garlic and pepper to ours..yummy.

Leslie who left you a comment found you through me :-) thanks for the mention Leslie.


Hi, I found you via Anne. I was in Italy for a month in the fall of '06 and fell in love with the country. I'll be coming back to see how you're doing with the reno. Is it all as wonderful as it seems it would be to live there?


He looks handsome both ways. I wonder what he must think of it.


Oggie Doggie looks quite swank and cute but he did even when he was disguised as a ball of wool.
The relationship one{being a woman} has with her butcher,should be just as yours. A touch of flirting some sly side glances and then a very gracious grazie after being served your order. Then saunter away.
Good butchers are hard to find,you should try and keep his location top secret.
i lost my favorite butcher Steve when he moved to another small town as our was getting to congested for his liking.He always cut the best veal shanks for my orso bucco, I miss him.

Judith in Umbria

I know which I have a crush on-- the dog! He is competing with Dermott for my heart. I already have a great butcher.


I don't know who I'm more in love with... your butcher or your hound! This is a lovely post.

bleeding espresso

Oops, that should be "off my body hair" not "of my body hair."

And to think I actually proofread that.

Caffé please!!!

bleeding espresso

YUM YUM YUM. The steak, not the dog, I mean.

I wonder if I would look pounds lighter if I shaved of my body hair. I bet you're wondering just how much body hair I have now, aren't you? I'll never tell.

nyc/carribean ragazza

Your dog is very handsome.

That steak sounds so good. I have to find a good butcher in Rome once my household goods arrive from the States.

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