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March 19, 2008



Easy mistake to make - especially if you don't have it all planned out in advance - but where's the fun in that!

I've had a go with a digger like that when we had some guys in to do our garden. Great fun - and much quicker than moving soil with a spade.

Double glazing

We all make mistakes bro. Just look at the planning next time yeah?

Pam Stacey

Interesting article!one of our conservatories would have looked great on your new terrace!it's a pity we don't sell in Italy!

Miranda Taxis

Hi there guys,

yesterday Di from new Zealand sent me this link and I think your going to love it - we did!


Glad to see you are getting on with works and can't wait to come over and see what you are up to one of these days - that is AFTER the Toscana Tour has finished.


You sound like a man with a very good sense of humour!! Please call over to my blog as you have been tagged..hope you will play.


If it is any consolation whatsoever: you are NOT ALONE! We did exactly the same thing a couple of years ago. Except we aren't nearly clever enough to use the digger ourselves. And we still have the pile of bricks. (Just like yours, they are too beautiful to get rid of - still thinking of making a patio, but other jobs get in the way.) Good luck.

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