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March 21, 2008



I've done it Julian and it was very painful - the next glass of red wine is on you.


Red wine is also medicinal.


Oh darn! I just tagged you guys for the very same meme. Anyway, it was fun to read your answers. I am so with you on the red wine addiction!


I know I've seen this blog before, but forgot to bookmark you. So glad I restumbled here today. Wonderful meme, actually! And, not only does red wine count as a snack, it also counts as fruit!

Good luck with your list!


Dear Julian, you do get yourself into some quandaries,you must know by now that any Italian with an ounce of common sense does not do any thing at dinner time, its dinner and a walk or visit with friends , only foreigner's go out and do work at night.You 've got to be more assertive, but then how terrific are you to do this.You'll make your family proud when your sets are traveling about Italy for all to admire.


red wine definitely counts as a snack. I think I'm about to have several snacks. Buona Pasqua to you and your family.


Kingston? I miss Kingston, thanks for reminding me....hot cross buns hot cross buns hot cross buns....ha!


It is Easter weekend so I'll try to respond to the meme on Tuesday when I'm back at work and no one feels like working, like Friday...



Hi Kids and Buona Pasqua!
I'm thinking of doing a "100 things about me" post when I hit my 100th post (which is right around the corner). I figure it answers all the past memes I've been tagged for that I conveniently forget to do ;)


I'm very flattered, honest I am. Particularly as I'm a 'newbie' and still very green at this. It's just that I have to go back to the UK tomorrow. Is there a time out on these, or can you bear with me for a week? Should that be 'bare'? No, I think I got it right the first time. Very best wishes, Sally


Hi so pleased you did the meme!!! Not only did you live in Norfolk where by best friend lives, you also lived in Malta, My fathers family came from there!!!

Thanks for doing that, I will be back to read again soon.

Happy Easter!!!

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