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February 13, 2008



What can I say, the dog lived and big bad Vlad is still on the job.

Hi Rositta, welcome.

Thanks for all the comments guys, they make our day.


Hi guys! Go to my site. I posted the song I told you about back when you were having your mouse trouble..."Pepino the Italian Mouse".


I'm a first time visitor and your doggy story made me laugh. My first thought was "it's a labrador"... Mine at a pound of butter once and puked for days, lol...ciao

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Ew. At least she didn't use the same hand though. You can't know where that cell phone has been.


Nice fotos of station but where are all the people?!


I know all about a dog's crazy diet... mine ate an umbrella, a coaster and few newspapers just this week! Good luck with yours and good luck with Vlad.


I thought you were going to say that the dog ate your cell phone and the vet fished it out! haha

Antonina Cross[Nell}

Would that be Vlad the impaler ? I do hope not because if it is, come closer as so not be overheard,I think he beat the villagers by sucking the very life out of them....if you get my meaning!
As for the dog with the iron clad stomach and thermometer up his butt while his vet has a telephonio in her ear, all I can say is "Viva Italia."My father used to feed the dog nest door leftover pasta every night, it lived to be 12 years old or 84 in dog years.
That which does not kill him will pass Hortaio.

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