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February 23, 2008



I hope you are feeling better. Pep and I have both been kinda down lately, although I NEVER get a fever!!


Hello you lovely people. Have just remembered to look at your blog and can't believe the amazing things you have done and the richness of the life you are living! The cute doggy was born on A & J's birthday. We still miss you here in KOT but am deeply envious of the wonderful scenery and culture you enjoy! Lots of love xx


Thanks for all the well wishes. We are all better here now. Took the medicine (and drank the soup, Nell, although marito scoffed cruely when I suggested him took time off to make it). Hope we didn't pass on any virtual bugs.


Amanda.... hope you are feeling better. I'm just getting over it as well, so I know how you feel. ciao!

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso

Not feeling well here either :( Hope you're feeling better by now though.


Dear Amanda, So sorry to hear of your recent war with the flu, as always when sick drink lots of hot tea and lemon and honey , get some natural oil of eucalyptus. At the pharmacist.Add to an old bowl of hot water 3 or 4 drops and leave in what ever room your in, its very soothing and helps with the breathing. Note keep it high away from small one and dog who eats anything. Chicken soup with and veg from around the house is good too. Just add water chicken breasts carrots onion spinach celery parsley chicken cube concentrates and some big tomatoes, salt and black pepper let stew on high then simmer low for a few hours and then eat. Its easy and marito can do it in 20 minutes out his busy lavaro.


aww I hope everyone is feeling better.

erin :: the olive notes

I hope you start to feel better soon...that flu has been going around here too. We've been loading up on vitamins!

Love the photo with the mist :)

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