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February 09, 2008


amanda hyzler

Hey, at least you're laughing with us. Thanks for the comments they make our day.

Hi Venecia, Lucca is a beautiful place to live. Thanks for stopping by come back anytime.


You guys crack me up! This is so funny! btw..I love the comments you leave on my blog. Thanks for always making me smile :)

Antonina Cross[Nell}

Dear Julian, Sometimes men of a certain age send out signals like beacons of jeti light
to those men who call out into crowds " hey you throw me a torch". Indicating you have not lost your daring daredevil ways quite yet,as opposed to being a staid and not so risky father type.I've got one at home, well most of the time he's out running or training for a marathon , asked him once was he planning for the Olympics , and if he was, I didn't think they had a geriatric run included in the 20008 one.
As for joining the club that's great its a place for men to bond with one sentence thoughts and compare colognes as well as hair jells I suppose now.
My husband Dan actually commented to his friend Bob who has no hair that he was using cream rinse not shampoo while in the mens showers at the gym.How Bizzare!


Hi! I have just found your blog. I'm a mexican who lives for some periods at Lucca, in Toscana.

I like your blog! Saluti!

erin :: the olive notes

This is so funny! Chris and I both got a little laugh :) Glad that guy survived!

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