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December 06, 2007



Hi I'm Antonina's sister...she romanticizes too much...haha...I used to eat brown beans and toast almost everyday during my highschool years for lunch! I still love them with tons of butter.

Antonina Cross[Nell}

Welcome back to your little piece of paradise ,and how nice to have a comfort meal of beans and toast of course with a drop Worcestershire sauce! My husband whose father was born in England, claims its sacrilege to add that to beans,I say its essential! Let the fog envelope your home and feel the warmth of loved ones.


p.s. your nativity scene is gorgeous!


you said you produced the beans from your bag. did you know the lidl (po' bandino is the closest to you, i believe) carries canned baked beans -- but they're not heinz. i haven't tried them yet, although i quickly purchased a can as soon as i saw them.

Judith in Umbria

I continue to seek the answer to the eternal question: how can they eat that and even long for it?

Welcome home.

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