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November 09, 2007


sarah gracey

Hello!! Finally finally i make it on to the blog space thing and get to send a message. Firstly it was so wonderful to spend time with you last month and have the privelege of staying at your beautiful beautiful home. I hope you and the girls are all very well and have got the heating on! Haven't got time right now to look more at the site, but wanted to jot something down and shall get more of a look soon. Lots of love from me and from A if he was around. xx SG


keep up the good house work! sounds like your marito is doing a great job--the internal arch sounds beautiful. you can get farro here in le marche, italy too--farro and barlotti soup sounds heavenly. i'm in a soup mood these days!

Paolo De Paolis

So sad to see him working all alone, let me know if he could do with some help and I will try to come over. I did build a few houses in my time and I enjoy wearing two trousers instead of one.


Your visions for your home sound lovely. The dish you ate today, homey. Comfort food at it's best :)

Antonina Cross[Nell}

Cara Signora and Marito, Bona sera It is a good man who pushes on,and is rewarded by his sposia with substance. The soup sounds molto buono!I love that you have also enjoy growing Lavender, I have 3 different types out side my front door and also grew two types of basil this past summer in some large pots on the front deck, the darker purple one smaller leaves and the basic larger leaf basil. I added an anise plant which grows kinda of bush like about 3 feet high it attracts humming birds and lots bumble bees and butterflies. coraggio poco a poco. Take care and Marito always wear safety glass's what ever the job!
Ci vediamo ......Antonina

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