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October 17, 2007


Sara, Ms. Adventures in Italy

Welcome to blogging, and your first year of Italy! I'll have to spend some time in your archives.

I loved your rust photos...

PS: I think you linked to my "About" page and not the blog front page.


"A Walk in the Woods" that's one of my favorite books. And Lawrence Durrell I've never read but I love his brother Gerald. I'm an animal nut.
There isn't a "woods" around here.


What a wonderful blog you have here. I was reading about christmas and befana- I know..it's much too early :)

Mitch McDad

Love your blog. I have to plan my wife's 40th birthday trip (my was Barcelona, Rome, Positano) and I'm leaning towards Tuscany since we have both never been. I plan on checking in from time to time to get an inside look.

Take care.


Hi Amanda,
Welcome to the world of italian-based blogs. How about a hike in some mountain forests?! I can absolutely feel your affection for nature in this post, as walking, or to be precise, hiking is one of our favorite hobbies during this time of year. Just being surrounded by all of that autumn beauty -- really an enchanting experience.


i love walks in the woods too, although we don't have that many here near macerata--it sounds like you guys have quite a forest over there! the little pet graveyard is an interesting find.

have a great monday!


Walking in the woods is by far one of my most favorite things to do...especially in a place that you don't know by heart yet. Looking forward to taking more with you :)

Farfallina... a roam to Rome

Ciao! Congrats on your move to Italy! a new blog in the Italy expat blogosphere is always a joy!

I'll see you around :)

amanda hyzler

Thanks Jeni,
I was hoping you'd like the blog as yours is one of my favourites.
Have a great weekend


What amazing things you can find on your walks! Unfortunately, my Southern California walks are much more predictable. But, I, too walk with my loyal four-legged friends. Aren't they wonderful companions?

And about that oil...yum. The quote from Durrell was perfect.

Love your blog.


Hello, and thank you for your nice comment on my blog! I'm excited to sit back, relax and have a look at yours.
I'm glad you like Italy - Tuscany and Umbria are two sides of my soul. :-)

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