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August 09, 2007



your dog look like a puppet D:, its so cute ^^


I never heard of a lagotto until my sister-in-law found out about them. She's about to get hers in a couple of weeks. Tartufo is adorable.


To find out more about this wonderful breed (which is the ancient ancestor to a poodle) visit my website or the website of the Lagotto Club of America:

While there is not a self-respecting truffle within hundreds of miles of where I live in Arizona, I have taught my 3 year old Croatian import girl to hunt for truffle.


ok...this post made me laugh! I just love the name and he even looks like a Tartufo :) SO CUTE. I even read it out loud to Chris and then showed him the photo. I said "Imagine a truffle in dog form - then look at this"

I think he's adorable


I'm going with poodle. And I should know.

Paolo De Paolis

I can confirm that this is definitely a poodle and not a lamborghini whatever.


It doesn't look a bit like a poodle to me. It looks just like a poodle.

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